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Copper, gold, silver and lithium: learn more about the Expo San Juan Minera 2020


The main Argentine federal mining exhibition

In response to the restrictions due to COVID-19, Panorama Minero has decided to migrate all its events of the year to virtual mode. For this 2020, stands out the realization of the main Argentine federal mining exhibition, Expo San Juan Minera 2020, from October 21 to 23, in conjunction with the International Seminar: Argentina Gold and Silver. Panorama Minero will also hold this year the 9th edition of the International Seminar: Lithium in South America, with a confirmed date for November 18 and 19.

The Expo San Juan Minera 2020 will include among its offer a virtual fair with digitally modeled stands, international business rounds, conferences of international specialists and different alternatives for promoting specialized products and services for the mining industry. As a key aspect, mining companies and suppliers from Argentina and the region will participate, as well as related institutions and government areas, strengthening active contact between mining representatives in the midst of the pandemic.

The International Seminar: Argentina Gold & Silver is the traditional end-of-year symposium of precious metals held in the City of Buenos Aires, and this time it will be developed jointly with the Expo, being the first time that both events have merged to offer a -virtual- panorama of the current state of the mining industry.

Regarding the International Seminar: Lithium in South America, the leading event of the lithium industry, will also make its premiere in the virtual modality. During two days, from November 18 to 19, mining companies with lithium projects in production and development, and specialists such as Joe Lowry and the consulting firms Benchmark Minerals and S&P Global Platts will participate.

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