Exponor 2024
Por Agustín de Vicente , 7 de noviembre de 2023 | 08:24

Escondida | BHP leads the way in sustainable mining at EXPONOR 2024


EXPONOR 2024 promises to be a groundbreaking event for the global mining community, with Escondida | BHP leading the charge towards a more sustainable and innovative future.

Since the inception of EXPONOR in 1995, Escondida | BHP, previously known as Minera Escondida Limitada, has played a pivotal role as a strategic partner, setting the stage for the mining industry's future. This leading global mining exhibition, set to unfold its 20th edition in June 2024, continues to be a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, with Escondida | BHP at its heart.

EXPONOR 2024: Pioneering the Future of Mining

EXPONOR, the international mining exhibition powered by the Asociación de Industriales de Antofagasta (AIA), is an event where the world's mining community converges to showcase the latest technologies, share best practices, and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Scheduled for June 2024, this event will mark another milestone for Escondida | BHP as they reaffirm their commitment to the economic development of the Antofagasta Region. Alejandro Tapia, President of Escondida | BHP, highlighted the company's dedication to local suppliers and the communities they serve.

Escondida | BHP's Visionary Investments

Presently, Escondida | BHP is focusing on its 2030-2040 investment projects in mining, cathode production, concentrators, and New Production Infrastructure & Choice (NPI&CHO). The immediate pipeline includes autonomous truck deployment by 2025, mine dewatering projects, and initiatives aimed at enhancing energy and water efficiency.

These endeavors reflect Escondida | BHP's steadfast resolve to diminish its carbon footprint and foster sustainable processes that benefit the environment, society, economic growth, and local communities.

The Ideal Platform for Industry Evolution

Escondida | BHP understands the transformative impact of innovation, operational excellence, safety, and a diverse, future-ready workforce. EXPONOR 2024 provides the perfect platform to showcase these advancements, highlight business opportunities, and cast a vision for the future of mining that is being sculpted in Chile. The event is also an exceptional opportunity for mining professionals to network, share insights, and discover the latest industry trends.

Active Participation and Collaboration

Escondida | BHP's engagement in EXPONOR extends to various facets of the event, including technical delegation visits, business meetings, seminars, and site tours. Recognizing the significant value of EXPONOR, they utilize the event to connect with peers, explore new technologies, and foster innovations that align with market needs.

EXPONOR 2024: A Strategic Alliance

Set to take place from June 3-6, 2024, EXPONOR boasts the support of strategic partners such as Albemarle, Antofagasta Minerals, CODELCO, Escondida | BHP, GLENCORE, Minera El Abra, Pan American Silver, Sierra Gorda SCM, Spence|BHP, and SQM. The event is also endorsed by key industry associations and ministries, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the mining sector. Interested participants are encouraged to secure their stand by contacting the organizers at reservas@exponor.cl or calling 552 454 335.

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